Three Superfoods Proven to Enhance Telomere Length

Posted by: on Oct 4, 2011 | No Comments

Recent studies from scientists around the world have proven that eating certain foods is a great way to hold back aging by lengthening your telomeres.

Research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong has shown that the antioxidants and natural properties of green tea function to protect and lengthen telomeres. People who drank, on average, three cups of tea per day had longer telomeres than those who drank an average of a quarter cup of tea daily.

In the UK, Newcastle University scientists have recently found that an antioxidant in soy called daidzein may activate a protein linked to the regulation of aging and longevity. This activation can be achieved just by including soy-based products in your diet.

Also, while not directly linked to telomere length, Norwegian scientists also found that dark chocolate consumption among seniors increased their scores significantly on challenging brain teasers.