Biotech Company Life Length Partners with US Firm to Provide Public Telomeres Testing Nationwide.

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In a Thursday press release Life Length, a leading Spain-based biotechnology company specializing in the field of telomeres research technology, announced an agreement with Age Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc (“ADL”) to offer telomere testing nationwide in the US to both doctors and patients. This partnership will provide a location in the US where blood and tissue samples will be collected before being relayed to Life Length’s location in Europe for analysis.

Life Length is a life sciences company founded in 2010 by Dr. Maria Blasco, who now serves as the company’s Chief Scientific Advisor, and who is also the Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid, Spain. Life Length strives to use Telomeres Analysis Technology to provide testing services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, for drug research and clinical trials, and to the general public via doctors and clinics.

Stephen J. Matlin, CEO Life Length, said in this week’s press release,” We are delighted to partner with ADL. This is a major step in commercializing Life Length’s Telomere Analysis Technology in the U.S. making it easy for physicians and their patients to take our biomarker test. Telomeres are the best predictors of biological age and excellent general health indicators, highly related to the emergence of age-related diseases. This test will likely become standard in check-ups and preventive healthcare. U.S. doctors can now incorporate Life Length’s telomere test easily into their practice.”

Executives at Age Diagnostic Laboratories see this partnership as an important step in the commercialization of telomeres testing. ADL, an international consortium of specialty testing in anti-aging research, concentrates on hormones and other key bio-markers, such as telomere lengths, to examine the physiological underpinnings of the aging process, relating it to the overall health of individual patients.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who serves as Medical Director of ADL, said, “Currently, all other approaches provide imprecise estimates of average telomere length, which offers little utility or insight. Life Length’s approach has the advantage of measuring the percentage of critically short telomeres, which are responsible for cell senescence and aging.”

Life Length’s recent partnership with ADL to provide telomere testing in the US will be the first project of its kind for the Spain based company. As of today Life Length has not publicized information regarding the potential to tailor specific lifestyles or health habits for patients according to their test results. However, if the trajectory of telomeres testing continues to push towards commercialization and increased accessibility, as evidenced by this biotech partnership, we’ll find out what exactly our telomeres can tell us about our own life habits and health status.