Quotes from Nobel Conference “Genetic Revolution and its Impact on Society”

Quotes from Nobel Conference “Genetic Revolution and its Impact on Society”

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From post on Conference Bites:

Genetic Revolution and its Impact on Society
December 9, 2012  Stockholm

Dedicated to reviewing the past 50 years of progress in genetics and genomics, assessing the implications for today’s society and looking towards future trends.

Applying Telomere Science, one person at a time…..

Applying Telomere Science, one person at a time…..

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Telomere Science is evolving rapidly, and in my view, we are all part of the experiment.  Now that we have our personal Telomere Length as a yardstick, and a growing body of data around what it means, we can all make lifestyle choices to influence our lifespan, and even more importantly, our healthspan.

I want to share some of what I’m doing to apply Telomere Science in my life, and to encourage you to join in and share your habits and experiments as well. (Please start by sharing your thoughts in the comments below!)

Today, I’ll start with exercise:

Of all the changes I’ve made as a result of what I’ve learned about telomeres and healthy aging, exercise has been the most dramatic.

From information to action…
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From information to action…

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We created agemarker.com first and foremost as a clearinghouse for credible information around healthy aging and telomere science.

But we aspire to be more than that—we want to support you as part of a community of people taking concrete steps to improve our health now, and our prospects for healthy aging in the future.

The $1000 Genome

The $1000 Genome

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I attended the Xconomy Forum last week on “Computing in the Age of the $1000 Genome”.

I found it fascinating, and while the focus was certainly much broader than telomere science and healthy aging, there were a number of great comments made by leading experts in the Human Genome that are very very relevant.  Here are some of my favorites:

“In your cells right now, an enzyme is making a copy of your DNA in less than two hours, right in the nucleus.”
Hugh Martin, Pacific Biosciences

“For all this amazing genomic info to have an impact, we really need to invite the person into personalized medicine.”
Ashley Dombkowski, 23andme

Exclusive Interview with Maria Blasco

Exclusive Interview with Maria Blasco

Oct 14, 2011 | No Comments

Conducted by Brian Duggan via email in August 2011

Brian Duggan: Can you please share with our readers a little of your background, and how you personally got interested in Telomere Science and its relationship with healthy aging?

Maria Blasco: After I did my PhD in Madrid, I was working at one of the leading Molecular Biology Institutes in Madrid, founded by Nobel Prize Lauretate Severo Ochoa. My supervisor, Dr. Margarita Salas, had the highest opinion of research performed at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York where she knew its Director, Bruce Stillman. Therefore, in the early nineties, when I saw that there was a new Junior Group, headed by Carol W. Greider, working with the enzyme telomerase, it was clear to me that I had to work in that Group.