You can make the case that TA-65 is just another nutritional supplement, and so it should be included above rather than having its own category.  However, it is unique in many ways, including the science behind it, the way it has being taken to market (through Doctors) and its pricing (expensive).

While many swear by it, and there is growing anecdotal evidence and research, it is not in our estimation completely proven in its effectiveness.  But it is by far and away the most promising candidate currently available.

While expensive, it seems to be side effect free, and there are currently thousands of us taking it on a daily basis in hopes that it will deliver on the full promise that its preliminary studies suggest.

Specific Actions others are taking:

Taking TA-65 is the obvious common thread, but there are different dosages and protocols involved, and a variety of practitioners offering varying degrees of advice and support for the process.  As the field is too new for definitive best  practices, this is an important time for those of us taking TA-65 to compare notes on what is working for us.

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