Our Team

Agemarker.com is dedicated to providing you with access to credible information about healthy aging.  We have created it out of our personal interest in this exciting and important field. Please see our blog page for a look behind the scenes at the thoughts and ongoing story of the people putting this site together for you, including:

Brian Duggan, Founder
Brian is a serial entrepreneur who has been active in health related projects for over two decades, including the creation of large-scale consumer health expos, and numerous natural product marketing campaigns. He brings to this project a wealth of experience in print and web publishing, sales & marketing and social media, as well as a genuine curiosity about telomere science and a personal interest in healthy aging that helps to fuel all aspects of our site.

Jaime Alfaro, Writer
Jaime  is a freelance journalist interested in covering topics in medical anthropology as well as engaging with readers on research about telomeres science from a socio-cultural perspective.

Eric Podolsky, Writer
Eric Podolsky is a long-time freelance writer who strives to continually educate, inform, and entertain. Eric is excited to help spread awareness of telomere science through social media outlets, as well as general word of mouth.

Dan Mackey, Content Editor
Dan has long held interest in cutting edge science, especially related to health and nutrition. Dan belies there is nothing more compelling today than the ever evolving study of telomeres and the potential to dramatically improve all our lives

Amy Lenzo, Web Design
Amy Lenzo owns Clear Light Communications, an online communications company specializing in community development, virtual events, interactive online environments and utilizing social media for the common good.

Creative Commons statement:

All agemarker.com content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. In short, this means that you are encouraged to republish our content as long as you (a) link to the original, (b) attribute the author, and (c) attribute agemarker.com.