While the exact best regime for keeping telomeres long has not yet been proven, there is growing evidence about the role of diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, and stress in contributing to your living a longer, healthier life. This has led growing numbers of us to take action.

Read about the commitments that regular people like you are making, and join us in taking your own actions. Just think- what would one more year of healthy life be worth to you?Listed below are many of the recommendations that are being put forward. Again, we each have to make our own lifestyle choices based upon what works for us, but these examples can serve as a good place to start. 

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Areas where you can take action to improve your health and  longevity include:

1. Exercise – A number of studies point to exercise as a powerful way to counteract harmful and telomere shortening effects, such as from stress and trauma.   In particular they point to intensive, interval type exercises, and others that work up a Sweat. Learn More

2. Diet – While diet theories are always controversial, and there are different approaches that seem to be effective in different studies, it is very clear that diet can have a powerful impact on telomere length and overall healthy aging. Learn More

3. Supplements – As any cursory student of dietary science knows, our food supply today (what with processing, soil depletion, etc…) is far from what our ancestors enjoyed.  A growing body of research indicates that nutritional supplements can provide us with nutrients that we used to be able to get in our food, as well as new “neutraceutical” combinations shown to have great promise in improving health in a variety of ways. Learn More

4. Telomerase Activators – You can make the case that TA-65 is just another nutritional supplement, and so it should be included above rather than having its own category. However, it is unique in many ways, including the science behind it, the way it has being taken to market (through Doctors) and its pricing (expensive). Learn More

5. Testing – A variety of telomere-specific tests have been underway for decades now, leading to a growing body of data.  It generally adds up to “long telomeres good, short telomeres bad” (best repeated in a Frankenstein voice!)  But the ultimate truth is not that simple, and here again a variety of opinions abound around the value of measuring average telomere lengths versus one’s shortest telomeres; measuring the Telomerase enzyme in addition to the lengths themselves, and a variety of other related tests that may offer additional value. Learn More

6. Meditation, Stress Reduction, & Sleep – The science is clear that too much stress is not good for us. And that includes for our telomeres. Studies also show that meditation, and potentially other methods of stress reduction, can specifically counteract these negative effects. Learn More