As the quest here is for a science-based approach to bringing about longer and healthier lives for all us, testing plays a critical role.

A variety of telomere-specific tests have been underway for decades now, leading to a growing body of data.  It generally adds up to “long telomeres good, short telomeres bad” (best repeated in a Frankenstein voice!)  But the ultimate truth is not that simple, and here again a variety of opinions abound around the value of measuring average telomere lengths versus one’s shortest telomeres; measuring the Telomerase enzyme in addition to the lengths themselves, and a variety of other related tests that may offer additional value.

Specific Actions others are taking:

Tests are being offered around the globe at present, and some of the leading entrepreneurs and scientists in the field have formed companies to take these tests to market.  As the pricing comes down more and more individuals will take advantage of them, growing our body of knowledge about what works.

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